About us

Fran Denim is more than just clothing made for athletes, it’s about a positive self-image. It’s about dressing nicely for a night out and feeling good about yourself. It’s about being comfortable and looking good. It’s about having freedom to express yourself through fashion and having something to wear besides leggings. It’s about being confident. You’ve worked hard for your body and we want you to feel good in your jeans. They no longer have to feel like they are constricting your legs and have a gap in the waist. Shorts aren't supposed to ride up your thighs because they're too tight. We are on a mission to convince fitness minded people that you can look good in jeans again and be comfortable.

We've been in the denim business since 1997 and bring a level of expertise that few can match. We've developed lines for hundreds of retailers and manufacturers and use this know-how to bring quality, fashion, and comfort to the athlete. 




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